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The Jersey Association of Carers Incorporated (JACI)

Patron: Lady Dalton


What is a carer?

A carer is anybody who is taking responsibility for a sick, disabled or elderly person at home. Depending on how much help the person needs and how much support the carer receives, caring can lead to social isolation, financial hardship and deterioration in mental and physical health of the carer. Caring is not exclusive to gender, age, social class or income, carers are simply people who get on with the job. The job is often tiring and stressful and lasts for years (sometimes for life). Carers are often so busy caring that they have little time to find out what services are available or have time to care for themselves and do not realise they are Carers.

What is JACI?

The Jersey Association of Carers Incorporated (JACI) is a charity that was set up in March 1994, it is a member of the Association of Jersey Charities and affiliated to the Carers UK.

What is the aim of JACI?

JACI encourages other local caring organisations to join the Association and is not in existence to either replace or undermine the excellent work being done by existing groups - rather JACI wishes to provide a large "umbrella", encompassing all the caring organisations working towards one common aim - to improve the lives of carers.

Lady Dalton

Committee (2018)
Chairman: Dr Margaret Bayes MBE
Hon. Treasurer: Madeliene Todd
Hon. Secretary: Madeliene Todd
General Committee:
John Medway
Beverley Medway
Sally Rousseau

e-mail: JerseyCarersAssociation@gmail.com
Postal address:
c/o Dr Margaret Bayes
La Petella
Rue des Vignes
St Peter

If you are a member of JACI, we can represent your views. To become a member please return the membership application form. We can include you in our mailing list for newsletters, etc.

Membership is £5.

TEL: Freephone 0800 735 0249
EMAIL : advice@cab.org.je
St Paulís Community Centre, Dumaresq Street, St Helier

"Sometimes it's good to belong"

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