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Money Matters


During 2007 The Employment and Social Security Committee introduced an Income Support Scheme to replace many benefits over a phased period. Specific information on this scheme and how it applies to you can be obtained from the Department for Employment and Social Security.

Also information about the Long Term Care Scheme.

Contact: 445505

e-mail: income.support@gov.je

The Jersey 65+ Health Plan

It subsides Optical Dental and Chiropody for some over 65’s who qualify.

Contact: 445505 for a leaflet.

Invalid Care Allowance

For people of working age who care for a person who requires a high level of personal care.

Contact: 445505 for a leaflet.

GST food cost bonus

This is available to local households who do not receive Income Support or pay income tax.

Contact: 445505


Offer a reduced tariff for senior citizens.

Contact: 882882


If an adult is not able (whether this is due to mental incapacity of a physical impairment ) to manage his or her own affairs then a person called a “Curator” may be appointed to deal with those affairs on behalf of that person.

For further information you should contact your doctor or legal adviser.

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